This Is A Scoresheet You Should Keep Away From Your Wives And Girlfriends

This Is A Scoresheet You Should Keep Away From Your Wives And Girlfriends

There could be some merit in the idea.

Women do have a lot of complaints with a lot of men when it comes to pleasure, don't they? It's not a guy's fault if they have a complicated system that needs the perfection of techniques to be fulfilled. But coming back to the point, one woman found out that her son's music classes have a scoresheet that could be used for something else as well. The Reddit user 'not2dopey' posted the scoresheet and wrote: "My wife sent me our son's music results with the comment "I can think of, like, 7 ex-boyfriends who needed a scoresheet like this!" Well, well, well!

The scoresheet (Image: Reddit)

The scoresheet, in fact, could be a great tool, and the level of details it has, and the innuendos, are epic. Hand Position, for example, could be a great learning tool. How should you place your hands, what should the pressure be, what kind of wrist movements are needed, so on, and so forth. The scoresheet begins with the art of fingering itself, which many say is lost on quite a lot of people. And only the best of the best have ever had 'no errors' when it comes to fingering. Ask your girlfriend to rate you on this and chances are you won't be able to face yourself.


People on Reddit realized its potential and had quite a lot to say about it. One user commented: "Imagine waking up from a one night stand and finding the other person gone, but a report card like this left behind." While another one thought that constructive criticism can be helpful: "It would be helpful to see where I need improvement. If it's not working for you at the time, say something and I'll change up my game a bit. Nothing worse than a silent partner."


Some of them were quite funny too: "I teach recorder to classes and I always laugh to myself when I have to say “you’re not fingering your A hole properly”. I only wish there were adults in the room to appreciate my recorder banter," said a user. Well, what do you think? 

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