Americans Watched ‘The Office’ For Over 58 Billion Minutes In 2020, Probably Because They Miss Their Coworkers So Much

by TheDuder95

[UNITED STATES] – It’s no shocker that the American version of The Office is incredibly popular. It’s won awards, been memeified, and even been the most popular show on streaming platforms long after its initial airing. But it turns out it might be even more popular that originally thought. New data shows that Americans watched over 58 BILLION minutes worth of The Office in 2020.

We’re guessing having to work from home all this time during quarantine has resulted in Americans watching The Office so much because they miss their coworkers. That has to be the reason. Talking to your beloved work family isn’t quite the same over Zoom.

Last week Nielsen, the company that always tracks how much TV we watch to make us feel bad, released streaming platform statistics that they gathered for 2020. In their report they revealed that Americans watched a combined 58 BILLION minutes of the series in 2020 alone. That’s 110,350 years, or about how long it takes to get promoted from Assistant To The Regional Manager to Assistant Regional Manager if you are Dwight.

While Nielsen tracked streams of all shows both old and new, the most popular shows by far were the ones currently in syndication. Netflix (surprise, surprise) was the streaming platform that carried almost every popular television show.

Stats via Nielsen [Source: Variety]

Turns out a lot of those shows happen to be work place related, leading us to believe that Americans did in fact miss their coworkers more than ever before.

With numbers like that, it’s no wonder that NBC launched its own streaming platform last year. Turns out that folks really just want to feel attached to their coworkers. If they can’t do that safely in the work place, then The Office seems like a good enough substitute.

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All of Michael Scott’s HR violating hijinx aside, there’s something incredibly beautiful about that.