Belgian Politician Is A Boxer-Briefs Kind Of Man/Hero

by Gorman

ANTWERP, BELGIUM – According to a story from the New York Post, a Belgian politician learned the hot way that you still need to wear pants when live-streaming from home. Now, THAT’S a spicy meatball (or whatever the meatball equivalent is in Belgium.)

During an interview with Radio 2, The Mayor of Antwerp was called out by presenter Kim Debrie when she noticed that he was not wearing pants. That’s right, just like a magician, Mayor Bart De Wever put on a dazzling, crowd pleaser of a show with the help of some mirrors.

Fortunately for him, he was wearing underwear. But if he hadn’t? You would’ve been able to see his ass.

Here’s the rad part. When Debrie informed Wever that he was baring a bit to the audience, instead of shriveling up like a boy who has been caught with his hands in the chocolate bucket (this may or may not be a fair assumption about life in Belgium) he owned the hell out of it.

He took the camera, re-adjusted it so the camera was aimed right at his derriere and proudly took credit for his ass. Even without the striptease, we can all agree this man is a dreamy slice of beef cake, but he’s cool too? Check please! The man is a king and a role model for us all.

Wever is the head of the separatist New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) party, and his rival, Georges-Louis Bouchez, took advantage of the opportunity to gently tease him on social media. Joke’s on Bouchez, though, because Mayor Bart De Wever (Barty) is a legend.

We can only hope that he keeps this schtick up and raises the stakes in future interviews. He could add a little pizazz to his underwear reveals the following ways.

• Spiderman underwear (classic)

• Punisher underwear (dangerous)

• Joker Underwear (cool and hilarious)

• Wonder Woman underwear (horny)

The man can’t go wrong with this bit! And if his display of charming confidence is any indicator, the man has the stones to keep it up. Here’s to you, Barty!