Black Rhinos Are Apparently Sick Freaks Who Are Cool With Being Suspended Upside Down

by TheDuder95
rhino upside down

Apparently scientists are all out of ideas when it comes to saving endangered black rhinos. They’ve gotten so desperate that they are now hanging them upside down using helicopters. It also appears to be working, because black rhinos are into that sort of weird thing.


Damn black rhinos are crazy as hell!

The black rhino is currently classified by animal activists as critically endangered, predominantly due to significant demand from poachers for its valuable horn. In order to protect the rhinos from poachers, conservationists need to move them to guarded lands so they can be cared for.

That’s when scientists were like “fuck it” and came up with the idea to knock the animals out with anesthetics and transport them upside down via helicopter. It had been debated whether or not this was the best way to transport the endangered species to safer locations.

Getting shot up with sleepy drugs and being transported by helicopter to a safe destination? Sounds like a good deal to us!

Black rhinos don’t give any fucks!

Recent studies put any doubts that this was a weird experiment by desparate scientists to rest. Reports from Cornell University concluded that rhinos “actually fare slightly better when slung up in the sky,” in a positive step towards conserving the species.

“We found that suspending rhinos by their feet is safer than we thought,” says Dr. Robin Radcliffe, an author of the study. While the tactic might sound like a joke, it’s apparently vital for keeping rhinos safe. If the limited amount of them that are still alive can be transported to safe locations, scientists can better research them and conserve them.

Conservationists get to save an endangered species while rhinos get to have the thrill of a lifetime? Sounds like an absolute win-win to us.

Shoutout to science for this one. Y’all are crazy but we are here for it!