Champ And Major Have Landed In Their New, Big White Dog House

by Gorman

Champ and Major, two perfect German shepherds, have landed in the white house. This is the first time since the Obama administration that puppers have taken their rightful place in America’s favorite house. The first lady is already happily taking pictures of her perfect babies and they appear to be doing well. These are fancy dogs and we LOVE them.

1. Snuggling Up


Look at them! They’re strong and mighty, but they love a cuddle.

2. Coming In For A Landing


Coming home.

3. Tongues Out, Tails Wagging


That’s a happy political dog.

4. Enjoying The Scenery


When we think of America, the beautiful, this is the picture that comes to mind.

5. Scratchers


Champ is getting a pat.

6. Having A Ball


Major is the very first rescue dog in the white house. This is the spirit of America.

7. Smiles!


These are two very happy doggies.

8. Captured


“Mom, we weren’t ready to take a picture yet!”

9. Patient Pup


Just hanging out on the ground!

10. Santa’s Little Helper


Merry Christmas, sweet baby.

11. Dogs Of Leisure

These dogs can poop and pee all over the white house and the white house grounds whenever they want. Pretty lucky!

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