Chlamydia From Vaping? Apparently Possible, According To A TikTok User

by Gorman
sti vape

Get ready for the ambiguous story of the century! A Tiktok user named whycantany1leavemealone (lol) posted about getting chlamydia from her vape. Strange, but true! She claims the chlamydia was somehow transferred to the vape and then onto her. According to a story from Insider this is actually possible.

whycantany1leavemealone was having some strange symptoms. She had a fever for 13 days and pheumonia back in October. It wasn’t covid though, it was chlamydia. However, she had chlamydia pneumoniae a strain that is transferred through respiratory droplets.

The big question is WHY ARE YOU SHARING A VAPE DURING A PANDEMIC? It’s honestly a miracle that she got chlamydia and not covid. So in some ways, she is very lucky!

According to Pulmonologist Dr. Dr. Luis Chug there’s between a 1 and 20 percent chance that’s how she got it. So the evidence mounts regarding the suspect safety of vaping. Vaping pens are not regulated and they’re relatively new to the market. As a result, the research into their long term affects, are a long, long ways away.

In any event, everyone over at Men’s Humor wishes her a swift and peaceful recovery! Want more news from men? Click here!