Deleted Scene From Titanic Proves James Cameron Is Corny As Hell

by Gorman

A deleted scene from Titanic has re-emerged in the twitterverse (hooray!) According to the website Grazia the scene features the unsinkable Kathy Bates (that doesn’t sound right) making a rather clunky joke during the movie’s most dramatic scene. If we didn’t know any better, we might think the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme was playing in the background.

In the scene, the iceberg has struck the ship, a major bummer for everyone involved. James Cameron had originally intended for the scene to then cut to Kathy Bates as Molly Brown, sitting in the dining room. She lifts her glass and says “hey, sonny!” to a nearby waiter “how about a little ice?” Just then the massive iceberg passes behind her.

We get what you were trying to do, James Cameron, but it’s just a little too on the nose. It’s even worse than “unobtainium.”

It was only 24 years ago that Leo, Kate, James (Cameron) and the rest of the gang stole our hearts aboard the not-so-good-ship Titanic. The movie was a watershed (ahem) moment for many. It broke box office records and won a staggering 11 academy awards (though we’re still furious Leo didn’t even get a NOM for his role.) When a movie captures America’s heart as this film did, the film itself becomes steeped in lore and every inch of it gets poured over. We’re grateful, though. Thanks to twitter, Titanic will go on.

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