Loyal Dog Who Defended Its Drunk Owner Deserves A Beer

by TheDuder95

Need more evidence that dog is truly man’s best friend? Well you’re in luck. A video out of Colombia showing a loyal pooch protecting its drunk owner is exactly what you need to see right now.

Dogs might not be able to drink beer but forget that. Let’s pour a tasty cold brew for this incredible pooch!

The drunk man in the video is clearly pretty wasted. While we hope things ended alright for him, we can’t help but focus on the dog. What an incredible companion! Not only does he clearly check on his owners well-being, but he fends off anyone trying to get to close to him.

The dog keeps en eye on its owner by circling the unconscious man constantly to ensure he’s protected. The pooch at one point literally tries to bite a police officer who is check on the man. Now that’s dedication!

Going to town on that clown. (Via Giphy)

While we have no idea if that man in the video is okay, he definitely owes his loyal companion a six pack. We’re not talking any light beer either. No, we’re talking a heavy, full-bodied IPA.

Crack one open. This dog deserves one.