Monolith Like The One From That Space Movie Appears In Turkey

by Gorman
monolith turkey

We’re pretty sure Stanley Kubrick is rolling around in his grave (but in a good way, like he’s laughing) According to a story from the Associated Press, a big monolith, like the one in from 2001 A Space Odyssey, has appeared in southeast Turkey. While it’s entirely possible that this is a gift from our brethren in the heavens (or another dimension!) it is most likely a prank.

A farmer in the Sanliurfa province of Tukey discovered the aboslutely enormous metal block on Friday. It measures 3 meters tall (over 10 feet, for us Americans unversed in metric.) The metal block even has an engraving, done in old Turkic script. It reads ” Look at the sky, see the moon.”

All right, dude! Whatever the hell that means!

The spooky film reference monolith was found near a UNESCO world heritage site called Gobekli Tepe. It is the site of some of the oldest megalithic structures in the world. They date to the 10th millenium B.C., which means they pre-date Stonehenge by thousands of years. Bonkers.

Turkish authorities do not know who placed the structure, but they are looking through CCTV. Our guess? This little fella.

image via Pixabay

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