Neil Young Hates Social Media, But Has He Seen Our Facebook Page?

by TheDuder95

Legendary rock and roll icon Neil Young made a bold statement today about the state of our divided world. In an essay posted on his website titled “We Are Not Enemies,” the rock icon railed against the negative impacts of social media.

Wow those are some pretty heavy words from the former member of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. While there’s certainly a lot of divisiveness on social media, we can’t help but think that Neil has never visited our Facebook page before.

Come on, Neil. Not everything on Facebook is bad. Case in point.

Just a sample of the fun content Neil will find on the Men’s Humor Facebook page

That’s right, Neil. Men’s Humor is the exception to the rule that social media has been overrun with filth and conspiracy theories.

While Young has been a harsh critic of social media sites for years, his most recent post took a more direct shot at recent events. “Social media, at the hands of powerful people — influencers, amplifying lies, and untruths — is crippling our belief system, turning us against one another,” he wrote. “We are not enemies. We must find a way home.”

So true, Neil. We think that “home” is almost certainly the Men’s Humor Facebook page. We accept people from all walks of life on our page. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you came from. You will always be welcome. That’s the beauty of it.

You don’t even have to be a man to appreciate our posts. This is humor that people of all genders can appreciate.

Let’s put aside the divisiveness of politics and come together once and for all.

A better world awaits you, Neil. Join us over on the Men’s Humor Facebook page. We will show you the light.