Next Bill Nye? This Boy Swallowed 54 Magnets During A Science Experiment

by TheDuder95

Move over Bill Nye. There’s a new science guy in town. He’s a boy in the United Kingdom and he swallowed 54 magnets during a failed science experiment. He thought he would become magnetic, but it turns out he had to be sent to the hospital.

Chalk this one up as a major win for science. All of the greatest minds in science failed a few times before making it big, right?

Bill Nye ain’t got nothing on this kid!

According to his mother, 12-year-old Rhiley Morrison became interested in science at a very young age. He’s incredibly enthusiastic about doing science experiments for school and in his own free time. This enthusiasm inspired him to swallow a bunch of magnets to see if he could get copper to stick to the outside of his stomach. That’s normal, right?

Rhiley apparently swallowed the first batch of magnets on January 1st and second on January 4th. When the experiment was deemed a failure (i.e. he didn’t shit the magnets out), the boy fudged his data (i.e. lied) and told his mom that he had swallowed just two by accident.

The boy’s mother rushed him to the hospital where doctors determined that he had actually swallowed way more than that. Doctors immediately induced him and performed surgery to remove the bits of metal in his stomach. The operation went on for 6 hours and he spent the next 10 days after surgery at the hospital.

When news of the failed experiment broke, the internet had plenty to say.

Sometimes you have to pay the costs to be a science boss. Even someone like Bill Nye probably knows that. Rhiley just had to figure that out the hard way!

We wish Rhiley a speedy recovery and can’t wait to see what his next science experiment will be. Hopefully he learned his lesson and will just make a volcano or something simple like that.

Stop swallowing magnets, Rhiley! We already know how they work!