WATCH: Pickup Truck Plummets 70 Feet Off Wisconsin Highway Ramp, Driver Survives

truck plummeting

How was your commute this morning? Better than this pickup truck driver’s, we bet. According to NBC News, this driver lost control of his vehicle as he drove up a snowbank and plummeted 70 feet off an elevated highway ramp.

Thankfully, the driver survived.

Watch this pickup truck driver defy death below

God damn! The Lord is watching over that driver, because it’s a miracle he avoided death.

The truck driver showed no signs of impairment. Further, he incurred no serious injuries whatsoever. Meanwhile, your back is out of commission for a week after shoveling a 3 inch snowfall from your driveway. Guess that’s just how life works sometimes.

Now look, this guy got lucky. Don’t get any ideas about replicating this incident just because his life was spared. It may look like a blast, plowing off the highway ramp and Superman-ing your vehicle in an epic, 70 foot swan dive. We get it. It’s the sort of thing you carnage you stir up in Grand Theft Auto for fun.

But Men’s Humor readers, you are not invincible. You are humans. That means you need to buckle up, drive slow, use your turn signals, be conscious of other drives on the road, and never, ever drive off a highway ramp on purpose. Okay? We’re begging you. Stay safe on the road. For your sake, and ours, Men’s Humor fans. Your life depends on it. And so do we.

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