President’s Day Hair Sale Going On NOW! It’s George Washington’s HAIR!

by Gorman
lincoln hair for sale

Incredible news president-heads! For a limited time you can buy some hair that once belonged to a president! That’s right, according to a story from the Associated Press, George and Martha Washington’s hair is being auctioned off to the highest bidder! Now, you too can parade the streets in style, twirling a lock of the first presidents hair around your finger. But act fast! This sale only lasts through President’s Day and then a little after it.

RR Auction House is offering more than just hair, though. Now through February 18th they’re auctioning off plenty of presidential memorabilia. Here are a few other items on the docket.

-An order for a National Day of Mourning following Abraham Lincoln’s assasination, signed by Andrew Johnson

-The pen Warren G Harding used to sign the Knox Porter Resolution, which ended America’s involvement in World War I

-John F Kennedy’s Harvard sweater. Ooh la la!

-A bunch of boring documents signed by other presidents!

If you’re interested in spending an obscene amount of doe for some hair, the link to the auction is here. It’s one way to celebrate President’s Day! Honestly, it looks like some of the stuff might be going for relatively reasonable amounts (all long as you friggin love president stuff.) It’s pretty thrilling, but we’ll wait until the toilet Millard Fillmore used is up for grabs. That’s the only piece of history we’d want!

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