This Scottish Hamster Is The Hero We’ve All Been Waiting For

by TheDuder95

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND – As countries around the world continue to deal with the fallout of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, people of all walks of life could really use a pick me up. Lucky for us, a hamster in Scotland has given us the hero we’ve all been waiting for. His name is Tom Cruise, and he’s inspiring us in ways we never thought possible.

Photo via Scottish SPCA Facebook page

Heroes really do come in all sizes.

The incredible hamster was discovered just a few days ago while attached to a shopper inside a Glasgow candy shop. The Scottish SPCA reported that the little daredevil is likely to have traveled through outdoor temperatures as low as 5 degrees to make his way inside of the store. Lucky for the furry guy, authorities were called to the scene to help him recuperate. They promptly named him Tom Cruise in honor of his Mission Impossible-esque attempt to get some treats from the store.

Folks on Facebook were quick to comment on the Scottish SPCA post about Tom Cruise, with many offering the tiny hero their well-wishes as he recovers from his daring journey and (hopefully) gets reunited with his owners.

In times like these, it’s important for us all to rally around heroes like Tom Cruise. This just goes to show us that it’s not size of the hamster in the fight that matters, it’s the size of the fight in the hamster. We’re incredibly inspired by Tom Cruise and hope you are too.

We wish Tom Cruise all the best and hope he gets reunited with his owners very soon. If authorities in Scotland are unable to reunite Tom Cruise with his kin, we will gladly adopt him as the Official Pet of