This Tiny Dog That Fought Off A Mountain Lion Deserves A Medal Of Honor

by TheDuder95

INTERNET — The phrase “not all heroes wear capes” has taken on a whole new meaning thanks to a dog in Colorado. After a mountain lion started viscously attacking a Chihuahua, a little dachshund named Winston sprung into quick action to step in and save the day. Take a look at this incredible story.

Someone get the mayor of Evergreen, Colorado on the phone; little Winston deserves a key to the city!

According to a local news station in Colorado, Winston and his Chihuahua brother Mijo had slipped out of their owner’s house at night through an open door. Shortly after the two got out, a mountain lion pounced on Mijo and grabbed the dog with its jaws. Despite its stature, the mountain lion didn’t deter Winston one bit, as the Dachshund stepped in quick to bark away the wild animal and save his brother.

While the attack could have potentially been fatal without the heroic actions of Winston, it did result in unfortunate injuries. Little Mijo suffered several wounds from the attack, including the loss of his right eye. The 15-year-old dog is also experiencing some neurological issues that will eventually require more testing. Poor little Mijo!

On behalf of the entire Internet, we want to wish Mijo a speedy recovery and also thank Winston for his bravery! This story has given all of us a much needed hero to look up to, or in the case of Winston, down to.

If we ever see that wild mountain lion we will be sure to finish what Winston started. That’s a promise!