Two Bucks, One Warden With A Sidearm, And A Happy Ending

by Gorman

JACKSON COUNTY, KANSAS – Being a buck must be tough. Most guys can’t pull off such extravagent accessories as antlers (they’re just A LOT). That gets even tougher when you’re broing down with your buck buds and things get a little too rough. That’s exactly what appears to have happened in body cam footage released by the  Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism featuring two bucks struggling. According to a story published by Fox news, “a wildlife officer in Kansas recently managed to free two tangled deer by literally shooting their intertwined antlers apart.”

That’s a pretty goddamn good shot.

The game wardens in the area were first alerted by a bowhunter who stumbled across the two bucks. We can’t even imagine what that must have looked like. Well, maybe we can imagine it a little: they were probably freaking the fuck out.

When the game wardens found them they were flailing around in a creek, but NOT in a fun way. They calmed the deer down by getting close enough to throw a blanket over their heads. This is the thing that always seems bizarre. How on earth does this make the deer LESS freaked out. They’re basically setting themselves us to get blasted to hell. But hey, I guess there’s some evolutionary reason for this. Works out for them in the end.

Two Bucks Says He Misses

The game warden, Jeff Clouser, then shoots one of the antlers off with a gun and the deer bolt. Looks like in this particular scenario a good guy with a gun was real boon to these deer. Even though it seems like a dumbest way to die, this could have resulted in an unbearably excruciating death for the deer. Fortunately, they can stave that off until they get shot for real by some other guy.

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