Wallet Missing For 53 Years In Antarctica Is Returned With Beer Punch Card In Tact

by Gorman
iceberg and wallet

There are few things more distressing and depressing than losing a wallet. Just the thought of it sends a sick feeling of regret and through your spine- it’s almost a mini harbinger of doom. That, or you just feel like an idiot. However, every once in a while lost wallets are returned. That was the case for Paul Grisham, a 91 year old veteran living in San Francisco. Grisham worked as a Navy meteorologist in Antarctica for 13 months starting in October of 1967. At some point, the man lost his wallet, according to a story from the San Diego Union Tribune. 53 years later, it was returned.

Though, he probably already got a new Driver’s license.

The wallet was found behind a locker during the demolition of a building at McMurdo Station on Ross Island, the southernmost town on earth! The wallet was then sent to Stephen Decato and his daughter Sarah Lindbergh. This father, daughter duo have an interesting hobby: returning military memorabilia to their owners. They enlisted the help of Bruce McKee of the Indiana Spirit of ’45 nonprofit foundation to track Grisham down.

Here are some of the contents of Paul Grisham’s 53 year old wallet

-Navy Id

-Recipe for homemade Kahlua

-Beer ration punch card

-Pocket reference card with instructions for what to do in the event of an atomic, biological or chemical weapons attack

Unfortunately, there was no money to be found in the wallet, But Mr. Grisham wasn’t concerned. According to him, there was never any money in the wallet to begin with! You don’t need money in Antarctica.

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