[WATCH] Cows Have A Ball, Galloping Down A Highway And Endangering Many!

by Gorman
cows day off

A difficult situation in La Porte, Indiana was resolved safely over the weekend when a ton of cows were seen galloping down a highway. The rogue group of Holsteins escaped their pens and went charging south down the road, giving many motorists a front row seat to the greatest show on earth.

Moooooove over Game of Thrones! We’re glued to this screen now!

The group of 75 cows could have killed a bunch of people (cows are huge) but fortunately Captain Derek Allen, an off-duty police officer happened to be there at the time. He quickly got to work and made sense of the absolute chaos that is 75 cows charging down a highway at top speed. Capt Allen, along with LaPorte County Det. Jim Fish, contacted volunteers to come and get cars off the road and bring folks to safety.

No humans were harmed, but it is yet to be seen if the cows came out unscathed.

According to the Associated Press, the cows have been captured, but can you ever truly chain a cow’s spirit? No, you cannot take that from them. We do known that all the cows were eventually wrangled together and returned to the unnamed farmer who failed to keep them locked up. Smart idea, since the internet troll army would eviscerate the poor guy. On the bright side, this is most likely the most exciting day in LaPorte Indiana history.

We don’t mean to sound condescending. This would be an exciting day for anyone. It’s a herd of cows going hog wild. That’s not something you see every day. Tops, you see it once every couple of months.

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