25 Chilling True Crime Podcast Jokes for Those Who Fancy Fearful Laughter

25 Chilling True Crime Podcast Jokes for Those Who Fancy Fearful Laughter
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Agatha Christie was and still remains one of the true masters of mysteries, murders and mayhem. We have fond childhood memories of sitting around in a circle and narrating our favorite anecdotes from Christie's crime novels. The joy of following Hercule Poirot's visits to crime scenes, and solving complicated murder mysteries was an integral part of many our childhoods. Times have certainly evolved since. Readers are now scarce and podcasts have taken over the true crime genre. A true-crime podcast kills, thrills and sends chills down your spine. A 2022 poll declared that half of Americans enjoy consuming true crime content and 13 percent of them say it’s their favorite genre, per YouGovAmerica.


A study was conducted at Brigham Young University on crime podcasts and the BYU psychology professor, Dr. Brock Kirwan said that people may be drawn to true crime podcasts because it is a way of putting themselves in danger without actually being in danger, per The Daily Universe. So in honor of crime lovers, we bring you the 25 best jokes and memes that only a true crime podcaster can relate to as they let out a peal of fearful laughter. 



1. That's how it's done




2. No joke, man.



3. This week, on the nostril.




4. Not the wife's opinion




5. Preferred nomenclature



6. Not embarrassed




7. Double standards



8. Sponsored




9. Well.



10. LOL



11. Dream



12. Wild



13. Favorite



14. On loop



15. OMG!!



16. AnxietyX100



17. The joke.



18. Never. Ever.



19. Killer confidence



20. And the mystery unfolds



21. Watch out!



22. The "murder walk"



23. Risky business



24. House is not safe either, my friend



25. The plot begins


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