25 Times the ‘Fast & Furious’ Franchise Lost Grip on Reality | “When They Jumped Building to Building Using Cars”

25 Times the ‘Fast & Furious’ Franchise Lost Grip on Reality | “When They Jumped Building to Building Using Cars”
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Fast & Furious franchise fans frequently look back to 2001 when the first film in this action-packed series was released. In the film, an FBI officer faced off against an illegal street racer. The film was all about cool cars drifting in street races and cops trying to investigate high-speed robberies. But ever since then, the franchise has turned into a whirlpool of poor screenplay and exaggerated action set pieces which make little sense. Whether it is about Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) preaching about family values and taking a car into space or jumping from one skyscraper to another in a car without brakes, there is nothing this film franchise has done to not baffle us. As the tenth film, Fast X is all set to release in 2023, fans and dedicated haters of these films wait to watch what else this big-budget spectacle is capable of. So, when @KevOnStage popped up a million-dollar question to the Twitterati, the fans and haters of these films couldn't help but jump in to share moments when this franchise went bonkers with stunts. So here are 25 Fast & Furious moments which puzzled us out of our wits as shared by netizens. 


1. Accurate aim



2. Cheap space travel


3. Greatest heist ever



4. Swinging like Spiderman



5. It was bad all along


6. How does that make sense?



7. Gravity doesn't exist here


8. Hundred problems and one solution



9. Parachutes work in every case



10. Who needs petrol when you have Diesel?


11. He is Hercules after all 



12. These dudes are having a mid-life crisis for sure


13. Exactly, we agree


14. They are blessed with immortality


15. Fireproof Dom Toretto


16. The most unrealistic thing ever


17. Absolutely unbelievable


18. Career upgrade


19. Car got plot armor


20. Useless FBI


21. It started being about everything


22. They should have stopped right there


23. Infinite runway for the franchise


24. The absolute lack of logic


25. Reducing medicals bills


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 Twitterati pinpointed moments when ‘Fast & Furious’ shunned reality