25 Unappetizing Food Memes That Will Fill Your Tummy With Laughter | “When You’re an Egg but You’re Still Metal AF”

25 Unappetizing Food Memes That Will Fill Your Tummy With Laughter | “When You’re an Egg but You’re Still Metal AF”
Cover Image Source: Facebook | All You Can Eat

We all have an appetite for good food and good humor. But we might not be lucky enough to have our meals served to us properly every time, right? There are instances when we encounter disasters in the kitchen or simply stumble upon some of the worst food experiments. Imagine ordering a Happy Meal at McDonald's and they give you a bun with printed numbers on it. What if you want to bake some cookies but can't tell a dishwasher and an oven apart? Or just think about those times when someone has asked to take a bite out of your meal and all you wanted to do was flip them off. The Facebook page, All You Can Eat has collected countless memes dedicated to entertaining the foodies and we have sorted out 25 hilarious posts from their list. So grab your bucket of buttery popcorn and scroll through the collection of the funniest food memes that might kill your appetite but also fill it up with a healthy dose of laughter.


1. Ain't nobody hotter than the bacon



2. You are what you eat


3. Can we cook stuff in the dishwasher?



4. Stay away from my food


5. The tomato never makes it into your mouth in the first bite



6. All the wholesome dust sticks to your face instead



7. Sometimes it looks worse than that


8. What is the point of this apocalyptic packaging?



9. The egg wanted to attend a metal concert so bad


10. The carrot will never forgive you



11. That's genuinely a criminal activity


12. Just like glazed donuts


13. Hopefully this person was healthy afterward


14. Pure evil creatures from outer space


15. Overdose on soda before going on a diet


16. One last bite of chicken before we die!


17. The exquisite aroma of smoked meat


18. Literally summarized the extinction of dinosaurs


19. Having a stare-off with the demons in my kitchen


20. She will be your ex-girlfriend


21. The amount of patience you need to do this


22. They really don't give a damn about their Happy Meals


23. Dirty minds will understand dirty jokes


24. It feels like we froze inside out


25. We always have extra space for snacks


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