16 Moments That Ask “Who Wore It Better”

by Staff Writer

Nothing quite like celebrity ridiculousness popping up as a much needed distraction. They do it to themselves. Often times in the name of cutting edge fashion you’ll have Justin Bieber literally competing with babies for best saggy diaper outfit.

So while we take a moment and browse thru the eye candy, don’t forget to feel sincere gratitude to celebs who keep us laughing.

They might not realize they’re the butt of the joke, and that is fine with us.

Celebrity Who Wore It Better

You almost always go with the inanimate object

Batman Is Definitely A Celebrity

But cat man wore it better

Sometimes It Is More Like Urban Camouflage

Love that these can wear it better than upholstery.

Sometimes It’s You Vs. Random Stuff

Random stuff FTW!

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