Bitcoin Price May Rise To Whopping 146,000 Dollars

by Mad Dog

The Black Market just got a little bit greener! According to investment bank JP Morgan, the price of popular crypto-currency Bitcoin may reach 146,000 dollars in just a few short years.

Holy fucking crap! That’s a whole lot of dough. It’s a pretty staggering number to wrap your head around, let alone count up to. For comparison, we at Men’s Humor currently only have eight dollars.

“Considering how big the financial investment into gold is, a crowding out of gold as an ‘alternative’ currency implies big upside for bitcoin over the long term,” JP Morgan said, noting that the speculative market around crypto-currency could push bitcoin up to 50,000 dollars in the short-term.

Bitcoin is currently hovering around the price of 32,000 dollars, which means that it would need to rise 114,000 dollars to meet JP Morgan’s prediction. Of course, there is no rush for Bitcoin to rise in price. We would not want to rush the shiny, gold, digital little guy.

A real bitcoin

Take your time, Fella!

One big reason that Bitcoin seems to have so much upside is due to the fact that millennials seem to prefer it over gold. Well, we at Men’s Humor prefer neither gold nor bitcoin. We prefer good old-fashioned snacks like ham, beef jerky, and breakfast sausage. You see, the best investment one can make is in oneself. And the more that you treat your body like a temple (stuffing it with meat), the more profits you will reap in the future.

So, while we commend everyone on their investments in The Blockchain—whatever the fuck that is!—we will continue to work on our gorgeous bodies and make sure we’re filling up our bodies with the good stuff: bread, water, and vitamins. We will also continue to track the price of Bitcoin, and we’ll keep you posted on if it does anything weird.