Think You Have Bad Neighbors? This Guy Has A Bear Who Moved Under His Deck

by TheDuder95
bear under porch

Let’s face it: sometimes neighbors can really suck. They can be loud, intrusive, and just straight up annoying. If you have horrible neighbors that you can’t stand, we really feel for you. However, your situation can’t be nearly as bad as this guy on the West Coast who had a massive wild bear move in under his deck.

Remember when you yelled at your neighbors because they had a BBQ that ram pretty late? SMH. Bet you’re rethinking that right about now. We would gladly take that over this disgusting bear any day of the week.

Damn that bear is a bad neighbor!

The bear incident, which occurred in Lake Tahoe, is incredibly shocking. Imagine waking up one day and finding a MASSIVE brown bear living under your house. That’s not something that any homeowner or renter could ever be prepared for.

In the video footage, you can tell that the bear is absolutely pissed. It obviously did not want to be bothered. It’s clear from all of the massive lumps of bear shit that the animal clearly made himself comfortable during his stay. You think nasty smelling shit would even drive a bear away, but that thing was clearly hunkered down for the long haul. Squatters rights!

While the bear eventually got scared away, that didn’t stop it from taking one massive shit right in front of the property owner right before it ran off. That was a badass move. Seriously.

The bear taking a massive dump. Not very neighborly.

The next time we get into a fight with the folks who live next door to us, we’re going to pull a page out of this bear’s playbook and take a wet, nasty dump right in front of them.

Honestly, we respect the hell out of this bear! If it decided to move in under our deck we would respect its privacy.

We’d just ask that it cleaned up after itself a little bit.