25 Unexpectedly Rib-Tickling Subway Moments That Are Making Us Gape | “Do Not Lick or I Spank”

25 Unexpectedly Rib-Tickling Subway Moments That Are Making Us Gape | “Do Not Lick or I Spank”
Cover Image Source: Instagram | Subway Creatures

Is it a matter of pure luck or does the universe conspire these hilarious subway images? Well, there's no way to figure that out but all we know is it's amusing to witness these bizarre moments.  


The subway makes us encounter the strangest people in the world. In fact, it's like we are living inside a TV show where two completely different dimensions come together and people stare in shock. The encounters on the subway can even make our day if luck has it. Rick is the creator behind two incredibly successful social media projects, Subway Creatures which has a following of 2.7 million and What is New York which has 1.6 million fans. Talking about the popularity of Subway Creatures, the creator told Bored Panda that it "appeals to so many people around the globe because of the many unique, talented and crazy people who use the subway system daily." So we have compiled the 25 weirdest moments people have ever seen on the tube from the hilarious collection on the Subway Creatures page. See if you can relate to some of the incidents and even if you can't, you can always enjoy a good laugh as you scroll through the images.  


1.  Pokemon spotted




2. Skincare on the go




3. Lost twins



4. Veggies on a ride




5. Evil dead




6. Rat-Bag: The new fashion statement



7. Yeah man




8. Spotted



9. Bags to remember




10. Update your to-be-read list



11. Voila!



12. Got it?



13. OMG!



14. So creative



15. Subway Halloween



16. Scratching our head



17. Do you take classes?



18. No, you don't.



19. Ready for the ramp walk



20. Do not touch anything on the subway



21. Oops!



22. Umm...



23. Bluer than the blue itself



24. Corona edition



25. Same dude same


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 Unexpected and rib-tickling subway moments