20 Signs From Around the World That Blew Us With Their Wit

20 Signs From Around the World That Blew Us With Their Wit
Cover Image Source: Instagram | Funniest Signs

When we don't understand a language or when words fall short, we communicate through signs. Visuals can convey instructions, warnings and directions more faster and more effectively than words, and so we have signs everywhere—on roads, outside shops, restaurants, inside hotels or other public service spaces. 


It is however tough to make an eye-catching signboard that conveys an impactful message in a small layout, with striking visuals and a few words (or none at all). A sign is considered successful if it captures people's attention, makes them stop and ponder over its meaning, and if it can also evoke laughter, then nothing like it. One needs to come up with a damn good sign to make GenZ, who are always occupied with their smartphones, look up. LOL. 


These two Instagram accounts, @funniestsigns and @funnysigns, have compiled the best signboards by people, and for people, and we present to you  20 awesome signs from their collection. So go on, have fun laughing at these signs, and be sure to pass on the laughter. 


1. Excuse me?




2. Oh thanks




3. Hahaha!



4. Ok.




5. Oh yeah!



6. In case, you need a new look



7. Ah, what?




8. What's on the menu?



9. Definitely.


10. LOL



11. Can see that



12. They are everywhere


13. Coldest



14. Expect the unexpected



15. God save us



16. Identity crisis



17. Touche



18. ROFL



19. In no mood to share



20. Wait, what?


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