Guy Receives A Picture Of A Toad From A Random Unknown Number And The Conversation Is Epic!

Guy Receives A Picture Of A Toad From A Random Unknown Number And The Conversation Is Epic!

Bonk Bonk!

Some get random pictures, some are stuck with awkward forwards, some get toads, you heard that right. Twitter user grain death gets toad pictures sent to him from a random number. 

Bored Panda got in touch with the user to get more information and this is what they wrote, "Well, it seems like the Twitter user who became a target of a toad-obsessed number didn’t have a clue either. “Earlier this year a random number I don’t recognize started sending me pictures of toads,” he tweeted along with the hilarious gallery of screenshots."

"From a red American toadlet to a European common spadefoot toad, it seems like whoever was sending these was really into the leathery amphibian creatures. The thread went viral, amassing 560.8K likes and 118.6K retweets, and people joined in to share their explanations in this bizarre and funny toad conspiracy," the article read. 

They further wrote, "It turns out, @grain_death still has no idea why he’s been receiving the toad pictures. “They also don’t really seem to know who I am either. All we both need to know is we only talk about frogs and toads,” he explained. He also said that he’s never been genuinely annoyed by these texts and assured us that his weird “toad pal is the best.”

The saga continues, "Incredibly, the toad newsletter still texts him once a week, “so it never really gets old.” If @grain_death had to guess why whoever is sending the toad pictures has been doing so consistently, he’d say “they enjoy this as much as I do. If I was the kind of person to send pictures to random numbers, I’d enjoy it if someone responded positively and consistently,” he concluded," the article read. 

Twitter users were both amused by the toad pal and jealous for not receiving the 'Toad Mail' themselves, "I don’t want a relationship I just want this" a user wrote while another said, "this is the best tweet on this god forsaken website and you can't convince me otherwise. this cleansed my soul. this has profoundly affected my life for the better and assured me everything is going to be okay. bonk bonk, everyone." Some good wholesome stuff right here.

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