Vegan Girlfriend Tells Man To Get Rid Of His Cat Because It Kills Mice

Vegan Girlfriend Tells Man To Get Rid Of His Cat Because It Kills Mice

It's people like these who give vegans a bad name!

Being vegan is your choice but is it fair to impose it on others and is it even valid to reject an animal because you chose to lead a vegan life? Well, one guy's (u/throwRA78wdhsg) girlfriend had a bizarre position on this debate and he wrote about it on Reddit saying: 

1) How it began:

"I've been dating my GF for 7 months. She's amazing and we're super compatible in a lot of ways. She is an outspoken vegan, and she made it clear at the start of our relationship that it was important to her that any potential had similar cruelty-free values. Me, already being a pescatarian, had little difficulty transitioning to a fully plant based diet. My GF was proud of me for going cruelty free and everything seemed well. We became "the vegan couple" on our college campus."


2) Some compromise:

"Then there is my cat, Mittens... I've had her for three years and I adore her. She's such a sweet and cuddly cat. However, my GF was always a little apprehensive around her, and she blamed it on not growing up around cats. After a while we sort of made a tacit agreement to mostly hang out at her apartment instead of mine, so Mittens never really came up again in conversation."


3) Then quarantine bombshell:

"My gf and I have spent a lot of time together during this pandemic and we've started talking about taking our relationship to the next level." He added: "However, after a lot of talking and planning, my GF sat me down and dropped a bomb shell on me. She said that with this next phase of the relationship, she did not see a future with me unless I was willing to give away Mittens. She said that she believed owning a cat is unconscionable for vegans, because they hunt mice and eat meat, and because the very act of owning a pet is a violation of vegan principles."


4) Bizarre arguments:

"I was stunned. I told her that I was absolutely not willing to give up Mittens, and she had no choice but to eat meat so I was reducing harm as much as possible by buying reputable brands of cat food. Plenty of vegans own cats and think along those same lines. My gf got mad and said "how much flesh does your cat eat? How many animals died to make all that food? Would you be okay with that being human flesh?"


5) The conclusion:

"I've talked to some of my vegan and vegetarian friends and they all think my gf has lost her mind. Some have suggested that it's not about Mittens and my gf just wants an excuse to end it. They probably don't understand why I haven't broken up yet, but I care about my GF so much. I'd hate for this bizarre curve ball to be the end of a beautiful thing. I want to try and work something out."


6) The comments:

-Nerze- wrote:

"She suggested to give it away ? It makes no sense whatsoever... Will it consume less meat with another owner ? Of course not. It's like boasting about your lack of garbage because you dump it all in your neighbor's yard."

nonbinary_parent wrote:

"This is what I was thinking. It’s not about veganism, it’s about control."

Well, what do you think? What should the guy do?

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