19 Highlights From The Blog ‘Pretty Girls Making Hilariously Ugly Faces’

by Staff Writer

It began with a Tumblr blog called Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces, which started in 2011. Technically, it probably started with one girl who scrunched her face up like a muppet when some dude on a gaming server asked for a pic. This Tumblr birthed a subreddit (r/PrettyGirlsUglyFaces) which now has over 89 thousand users, and receives daily uploads from subscribers who are generally hilarious.

Don’t feel betrayed, guys. These are just ladies letting the world behind the curtain of angles and lighting. Although some of these make me think there is some serious voodoo or poly-juice potion being used. You too could go from smoldering to cartoon character in no time at all.

Check Out Highlights From ‘Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces’ Below!

#1 Master of disguise


#2 How is this the same person?!


#3 Behind-the-scenes video on how the magic happens

#4 The right pic is her LinkedIn photo, for sure

reddit u/marieclairehouts

#6 Check it out! Guys can be pretty girls too.

They actually take submissions from guys over on the group named “Pretty Girls…”

#13 I don’t even see the same face


#18 This explains everything

Congrats on getting through the list. Hope you chose option A all the way down. If you enjoyed this you might also enjoy 16 People Who Asked For Insults.