12 Hilariously Dumb Things People Said Online Making You Feel Genius In Comparison

by Tim K
screencaps of dumb online statements

Is anything better than when someone says something full-blown dumb as sh*t? The furrowed eyebrows, the little looks to your friends, the laughs you struggle to hold back…and, most importantly, the pride you feel over the fact that YOU didn’t say the dumb thing! So, if you’re in the mood to feel like a real-life genius, buckle up… because there are some real dumbass gems in here! Here are some dumb things people said:

Check Out These Super IDIOTIC Statements!

1. Not what it’s called!

good attempt

2. Naw, man! Nope!

these people raised on just the commercial for hooked on phonics

3. Doubled eggs! Double!

How’d you grow up without a great aunt Roseanne?

4. Crab raccoon dip… sounds gross!

5. Dad, yeesh!

When Dad can’t get it together, this whole family is in trouble

6. Doesn’t look that cold!

No, I think they really do live in a scrotum.

7. Naw!

8. Actually a nice-sounding name!

9. We agree with the sentiment, though!

10. A cool nickname for guys named Shaun!

11. Nope!

12. Not correct!

So awesome. Doesn’t that feel nice? Don’t we all feel so smart? This kicks ass! Yes! Thank you.

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