12 Pics That Prove Australia Is A Nightmare World Of Terrors

by Tim K
animal claw

You ever been to Australia? If you said yes, then okay, cool! Sounds neat. If you said no, then please listen to us…

Do not go! Don’t do it!

Australia is a place where monstrous beasts from the deepest recesses of the human imagination have come to life and exist only to terrify those unfortunate enough to set eyes on them. Don’t believe us? Whatever, that’s weird, man, but okay, cool. Here are 12 pictures that’ll hopefully explain it better than we can.

Here Are Those 12 Photos Of Monsters We Mentioned Just Now:

1. Star Wars-Ass Lookin’ Worm


2. Dinosaur Breaking Into Home

3. Tiny Lizard (Could Crawl In Your Ear While You Sleep, No Problem)


4. Snake In Your Shoe. How Fucked Is That?


5. Star Wars-Ass Lookin’ Squid

6. Cat With Human-Like Arms/Elbows


7. Thing’s Like 9-Feet Tall


8. 7th-Grader-Sized Bird


9. Can’t Even Look At This One TBH


10. So, So Ugly. Holy Shit


11. Star Wars-Ass Lookin’ Bug

12. 1,000 ft. Snake-Frog


Yeah, no, Australia looks not-so-great! We’re gonna keep on living in New Jersey or places really similar to New Jersey. Thank you!

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