12 Times People BUSTED Their Dog Taking Naps In Insane Positions

by Tim K

Dogs seem to nap for a good chunk of every day, so it stands to reason that every now and then, they’re bound to wind up in some wild napping positions. Now, for the first time in recorded human history, we have the evidence to prove dog naps happen in the weirdest positions possible!

Enjoy These Photos Of Dogs Napping 100% Incorrectly

1. This Weird Curled Up Guy

Image credits: James Zhou

Your feet DO NOT have to touch your head in order to sleep, puppy!

2. Suitcase Bed

Image credits: Denise Halstead

This dog thinks he’s a shirt! Or shorts, maybe!

3. The Triple Nap

Image credits: Steve Hannah

Adorable? Sure, of course. Necessary in order to sleep? Nope, not even close.

4. Mr. Dog With Legs Sticking Straight-Out

Image credits: Emily Grace Pratt

Is… is this dog frozen? Is he stuck?

5. Two Married Animals

Image credits: Kimberlee P. Waller

These two are supposed to fighting… And now it appears as though they are married…

6. Get It Together, Man. You’re All Over The Place.

Image credits: Jessica Smith

8. Slip N’ Slide Position

Image credits: Jennifer Bernard

9. Dog Who’s Bored Of Eating

Image credits: Becky Murdoff Sherfey

10. Dreaming Of Licking Its Own Groin

Image credits: Kassidy Huston

11. This One Might Be Hurt? It’s Tough To Tell

Image credits: Kimmy Kaminski

12. The Dog Centipede (A Play On The 2009 Horror Film, ‘The Human Centipede,’ available to rent now on Sling, Amazon Prime, and iTunes)

Image credits: Erika Calle

Sorry, pups, but consider yourselves CAUGHT! Your dog naps are over! Now wake up! Let’s get moving!

H/T Boredpanda