17 Crazy Things Car Mechanics Spotted While On The Job

by TheDuder95
Crazy things car mechanics have seen collage

Think car mechanics have boring jobs where their just changing oil and inflating tires all day? Think again. JustRolledIntoTheShop is a hilarious subreddit where car mechanics and enthusiasts share all of the weird stuff they find while fixing cars.

These crazy things that mechanics spotted while on the job will crack you up and make you appreciate your mechanic a little bit more.

1. So that’s why the engine was running a little funny?

Source: Lotus496

2. Always remember to take your wallet, cell phone, and oh yeah your puppies out of the car when you drop it off at the shop

Source: reddit.com

3. Usually bad breaks just squeal. They don’t normally sound like cartoon characters

Source: reddit.com

4. Bumper sticker of the year?

5. You’re not supposed to put wax on your tires

Source: BooteIs

6. Someone apparently brought their car into the shop because they heard a flapping noise outside their window. Wonder why?

 Source: itchd

7. Self-aware much?

Source: pensfan8766

8. Something like this should come standard in every car

Source: m4rkz0r

9. Is that a new type of tire of just one that’s about to explode?

Source: reddit.com

10. Police officers brought this rental back to the dealer. Looks like whoever rented it got a lot of use out of it.

source: maddogg312

11. 1-inch bulletproof glass on a totally armored verhicle. The folks above could have used this.

Source: unsureMechanic

12. Someone managed to drive their car to the shop like this

source: reddit.com

13. 1 million miles. Holy shit!

Source: reddit.com

14. Damn how old is this car? Should its owner still be allowed to drive?

source: Johnmj6363

15. An actual key supplied by a customer. That’s one way to get your car started.

Source: reddit.com

16. Good luck trying to jump start that battery. People always say European cars are harder to service!

source: ryan-malta

17. That’s an interesting tailgate

source: reddit.com