17 Photos Of Quarantine Haircuts You Need To See To Believe

by TheDuder95

Hair growth doesn’t wait for anything. Not even the coronavirus. As millions of people continue to quarantine or shelter in place due to the pandemic, many are taking a DIY approach to haircuts.

Folks are either giving themselves a haircut or trusting loved ones to take on the task themselves. In both cases, the results have been nothing short of hilarious.

Yikes. These haircuts are awful! Quarantine or not.

At the end of the day it’s just hair, but goddamn dude. That’s one gnarly haircut. Your son deserves a timeout for that one.

Not even social distancing could save you from a haircut like this. Wonder how long this relationship will last?

Essential workers deserve so much better than this.

This is a fade that should have just ended as a buzzcut. Once you start fucking up the fade it’s hard to go back. Lesson learned.


This one doesn’t even look that weird. Kids always have odd haircuts anyway.

We’re willing to bet these two broke up. No question.

A hat will cover this awful haircut up no problem. We do feel for this guy though.

Dude straight up looks like a thumb after this quarantine cut. He’s just going to have to wait for his hair to grow back. Something tells us he will always look like a thumb either way.


Looks like this guy put on the hat and told his brother to buzz around it.

Yes that really was an “oops.” Hope you learned a lesson.

Peaky Blinders jumped the shark years ago. It’s horrible. Nothing can compare to this haircut though.

Feels like we saw a wrestler with a similar hair cut the other day.

You can see the regret in his eyes.

Honestly this haircut kind of fits this guy pretty well. We are here for it.

This fade is straight out of the magazine “Horrible Haircuts Weekly.”

Just leave haircuts to the professionals next time.