20 Funny Customized Cards For All Wrong Occasions

by Staff Writer
greeting card

Every becomes a comedian when you don’t have time to get the right card. Just grab an old one that is laying around. Mom has a box full of wrapping stuff with some old cards at the bottom. Just use your imagination, funny customized cards can be created out of any completely inappropriate starting point.

We like to imagine the rush some of these people may have been in to get a good card. But when nothing comes close… defacing the hard work of some greeting card writer is the best an only option.

Have sharpie, will destroy!

1. Caption said:

“My Friend Had Surgery On Her Deviated Septum Today (She Accidentally Called It A Deviated Scrotum), So A Friend And I Got Her A Card”

I’m so glad that was clarified. Total panic at the idea of a deviated scrotum.


2. How would your 23 year old son NOT think this is hilarious!


3. Sharpies FTW!

MayorDeweyMayorDewey Report

4. Excellent Anniversary Idea, bro!


5. Even a non-customized card in the wrong slot can bring the world real joy!

6. When Dad accidentally buys the same-sex couple Valentine’s day card. Nothing a marker can fix.


7. See, some occasions are hard to find anyways


8. It is a MORE thoughtful gesture. Look at all the work it takes!


9. The stream of consciousness writing style is damn funny


10. Dollar store improvisation at it’s finest!


11. This one’s been used several times now.


12. Makes any mortal wound better

Who wouldn’t want the Fonz on the funny customized cards for any occasion!

MayorDeweyMayorDewey Report

13. Can’t even tell on this one…


14. Masking tape is a very nice touch

15. I’m doing this, I’m so doing this


16. Spare no expense for Mom

17. Dad is a great guy to explain himself on the card.

Dad doesn’t want to stand there and explain the card as you open it. He’s making this one self-explanatory by laying out his case on the card itself. Smart, Dad. Very Smart.


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