20 Images That Will Make You Say “Funny… But Photoshopped?”

by Staff Writer
girl with giant catfish

These pictures really did have us wondering. So let’s turn it into a little game. Scroll thru and laugh all you want. It really is a much funnier experience to accept that all of this really took place as pictured on your screen. But some will really make you second guess your reality, or just a few funny photoshops.

Take the picture up top for instance. Most people would accept at first glance that this isn’t a photoshopped image. It is funny looking because of the size of the fish, but other than that it is believable. Then there are those with conspiracy-minded thinkers that say there is no way a girl like that could have wrangled a fish like that. They might point out how clean she and her outfit are. Sure, she has gloves on like a proper noodler would wear, but look at all the mud on the fish and the lack of mud on the girl.

We could take every one of these images and run it thru an image forensics website to get a judgement from analysis. But who likes that? We just like funny photoshops!

image via FotoForensics

While this analysis gives you readout and clues to the manipulation of the photo – Who the hell cares! Let’s embrace the mystery and just have fun guessing.

So… Funny Photoshops or Not?

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