2021 Off To A Bad Start? Call This Hotline And Scream

by TheDuder95

We all know 2020 was a horrible year. But has 2021 been any better? Probably not. For folks who haven’t had good luck despite the calendar year changing, there’s a solution. It’s a hotline you can call and scream at.

The idea behind the hotline is simple: just call the number and scream as loud as you want. It might be one step more than just screaming into a pillow, but who doesn’t want to just yell into their phone from time to time?

Elementary school teacher Chris Gollmar founded Just Scream! a few short months ago at the height of the pandemic. He said the goal of the hotline is to be a healthy stress reducing outlet. All you have to do is call the hotline and scream for as loud as you want, and for as long as you want — and then hang up.

Not only is this a new digital way to yell into the void, but your shrieks of anger will end up on the hotline’s website. Users can go back onto the website and re-listen to themselves screaming. That sounds like a cathartic win-win.

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“I wanted to find a prompt that people would respond to and screaming seemed to be a good fit!” said Gollmar in an interview with CNN. Gollmar said he came up with in September 2020 and launched it just before Election Day in November. Perfect timing.

“Why should I call you?” the Just Scream! website asks.”To scream! You might be unhappy, terrified, frustrated, or elated. All of these are perfectly good reasons to call and record yourself screaming.” Sounds like reason enough to pick up the phone and let out a good yell.

Via Just Scream!

If you or someone you know is interested in calling the hotline to let out a good wail, just dial 1-561-567-8431. Simple as that.

Maybe 2021 won’t be so bad after all? Some people might work out to reduce stress, other people might be more interested in crying into their phones. Either way, you do you!