38 Crazy Stock Photos and How They Might Be Used

by Staff Writer
men with fingers up nose

What are you thinking when you upload these WTF crazy stock photos for sale to everyone? Is the one person who is gonna need scientist in lingerie excited about blue liquid in beaker going to be sane enough to find the exact photo needed? Maybe… but maybe if the scientist was in a lab coat your dumb photo wouldn’t be on this WTF list. Is the lab coat image market too saturated for you!?

It’s fun to imagine the scenarios that went into collecting some of these examples of crazy stock photos. You have to think that many of them came in a moment of improvisation. This can’t be true for all of these. Clearly a good number of these weird ones are completely planned out with a potential customer in mind. But who needs a pregnant woman in a full-covering gas mask doing a nazi salute?

Seriously… WTF?

If you happen to be interested in using these fine specimens of weirdness for commercial use… the source is below each image. We don’t get a kick back or anything, just letting you weirdos know where to find the crazy.

So yeah. That was weird. If you like it you might consider another list of WTF stock photos we put together earlier.