50 Naughty Statues Caught In The Act By Funny Jokers

by Staff Writer
naughty statue collage

Naughty statues could be anywhere. You never really know when one is going to decide to be naughty. True, there are a handful of examples of the ladies being naughty right back, but clearly the statues instigated the entire thing.

What do you expect is going happen? When a statue is standing some place for years on end, hard as a rock, this kinda thing should be expected.

From the moment these statues were erected we should have been asking these questions. OK, I am gonna stop with the naughty statue puns now. We really do think that coming up with funny poses to force on statues, or have the statute force on you, should be part of every family road trip tradition.

That is a full list of fifty. We are outta here.

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