A Grim Look At The Future: Live Advertisers Literally Follow You Around

by Gorman
advertising lady

There is no more horrifying personal hell than the one shown in this video. A woman, wandering the grim aisles of a Walgreens or CVS is followed by her…friend? We hope. Because the woman is clearly a voice over artist who specializes in the cool, calm, comforting tone blasted in the cereal aisles. Her voice to sell ketchup to a woman wearing white gloves! That’s a line from Tommy Boy.

Imagine having a person murmuring advertisements in your ear all the time. That’s the future, dude.

Each and every day, the powers that be find more ways to shove ads in your face. Why, at this very moment you’re probably staring at some bicycle tires, or speaker or whatever below this paragraph. That’s just the way the world works. If we want to look at stuff for “free” we have to “pay.” However, that’s the grim world of the internet. In the real world…you are also constantly surrounded by ads. It truly is endless! Unless you Henry David Thoreau it, you’re screwed.

We have no idea who the woman behind the camera is, but she’s got a hell of a voice. Rainbow hair lady is lucky to have someone so talented around them, but god damn if that was actually the real truth, we would end it all.

What’s next? Watching grim advertisements just so you can turn on the oven? THIS IS THE FUTURE.

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