Better Think Twice Before Ordering These Things On An Airplane

by TheDuder95

UNITED STATES – Airplane travel is already stressful enough right now, but things may have just gotten a bit worse. A former flight attendant posted a viral TikTok video, and it turns out that airplanes might be even nastier than we thought. Word to the wise: don’t drink anything that’s not in a bottle.

Yikes. Free stuff always tastes better than things you have to pay for, so this is a major bummer to hear.

We knew airplanes were gross, but this is a whole new level of nasty

TikTok influencer Kat Kamalani has built up quite an audience over the years. Her posts generally feature self help tricks and tips, but her most recent clip went a little bit more savage. Turns out she shared some advice that people needed to hear. Her candid clip has racked up 1.9 million views since hitting TikTok the other day.

“Rule number one, never consume any liquid that is not in a can or a bottle. Those water tanks are never cleaned, and they are disgusting!” Kamalani alleged. “Talk to a flight attendant. We rarely, rarely drink the coffee or tea. They come from the same water tank and so when you’re drinking coffee or tea it comes from that hot water, and it’s absolutely disgusting.”

“These guys are taken out and cleaned between flights,” Kamalani claimed, pointing to a photo of a carafe commonly found on airplanes. “But the whole machine is never cleaned. And they’re by the lavatories.”

Wait, what?? [Via Giphy]

All of the dads who get to the airport hours before their flights are going to be devastated by this news. They live for that free coffee.

While Kat’s TikTok is certainly enlightening, some folks on social media were quick to criticize the claims. “So it sounds like y’all should just clean, like a lot since you guys don’t clean anything ever apparently,” one wrote. “I’ve been a flight attendant for 23 years, our airline routinely flushes and cleans the tanks,” another alleged.

Who knows if Kat is being misleading for clout or if airplanes are cesspools filled with germs. Either way, we’re just going to stick with bottle water the next time we fly on an airplane. That’s for sure.