Bodybuilder Is Either Cheating On Sex Doll Or In An Open Relationship. We Hope It’s The Latter!

by Gorman

KAZAKHSTAN – Break out the tissues boys, this one is going to sting. Yuri Tolochko, a man famous for taking care of his body and marrying a sex doll, CHEATED ON HIS BELOVED WHILE SHE’S RECOVERING IN THE HOSPITAL WITH SOME OTHER OBJECT.

Maybe. Their relationship could be fine, though.

According to a story published by LADBible “Yuri Tolochko, married his silicone love Margo in November, but somehow, just days before Christmas she had to go to a sex doll doctor to be repaired.” That’s tragic all on its own (and we hope Margo is ok!) Spending the holidays alone can be very stressful, especially during these difficult times. However, spending Christmas alone in the hospital is doubly depressing. We’re sorry, Margo!

We DO NOT feel bad for Yuri, though because he apparently cheated on Margo with a sex mask.

Sex Doll And Bodybuilder May Be In Open Relationship

We don’t doubt that the sex mask is probably really nice. God knows, the mask is stunningly beautiful. This isn’t about the sex mask. This is about Margo and Yurii and whether or not these love birds will be able to patch things up. Many of Yuri’s fans pounced in the comment section of the post, wondering if Yurii was cheating on Margo. Yurii was pretty coy about it, which makes us think this could possibly be a consensual hook up with Margo’s blessing. It’s honestly pretty likely that Margo and Yurii have an open marriage.

A Rocky Start

Yuri and Margo tied the knot in November of 2020. According to Timesnownews, the couple were scheduled to get married in March.” The plan was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, of course, but then the wedding was delayed a second time after Yuri was attacked during a transgender rally in October.

The couple have been through a lot, and that’s one of the reasons this story feels so loaded. Hopefully the tryst was completely cool with Margo and hopefully she’s on the mend. Her body is already broke, Yuri- don’t break her heart, too.

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