Butt Lovers Rejoice! Researchers Found A One-Of-A-Kind Dinosaur Booty (It’s A DONK)

by Mad Dog

UNITED KINGDOM—Donk lovers beware! There is a new donk on the market and it packs more ass into jeans than you could possibly believe. According to researchers at The University Of Bristol, a dinosaur booty has been discovered that is the first of its kind.

Butt lovers rejoice! Look at that nice one!

What makes this dinosaur booty so nice?

A bunch of things. For one, this sucker has two cloacas.

Okay, what the hell is a cloaca?

We’ll tell you. A cloaca is not your typical butthole. According to ZME Science, a cloaca is unique for a few reasons.

“It serves as an anus, in that it is the orifice through which waste ultimately exits the body after its journey through the intestinal tract. But the orifice, whose name comes from the Latin word for ‘sewer’, also plays a role in copulation and the extrusion of offspring or eggs,” they wrote in an article this week.

DIno butt discovery
Photo © Roman Samborskyi – Dreamstime.com

Is this the nicest butt we’ve seen?

Absolutely not. But for a dinosaur, this is top tier. Keep grinding y’all!

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