Celebs That Farted On Live TV

by Staff Writer
Dancing with the stars

MensHumor is back on the fart beat asking the important questions and point out every fart we can see, hear and taste. This time around the subject of our scrutiny is celebrities who farted on live TV. This video lines out several celebs who did the cheek rumble into a hot mic.

We’ve got a handful of questions. But before posing them you should watch the subject matter.

The video of celebrities who farted on live TV:

Thanks for that breakdown. The subject doesn’t feel quite as juvenile when it’s read in a British accent for some reason. Don’t know why… just know it’s absolutely true. We feel much more scholarly about the discussion at hand.

So the main question anyone would have after watching thru this… why all the secrecy? Why all the pretending? I think the TV viewing public is old enough for some cold hard facts about life.

1. We can handle that Santa isn’t real.

2. We can handle that the moon landing was faked.

3. We can handle that everyone farts.

Perhaps we can’t handle the everyone farts. We make celebrities mythic creatures we worship, and it’s hard to find any culture that allows their gods to fart. This one does, but that’s a native group from Canada. Canadians are know for their sense of humor and comedy chops. Isn’t it great to consider that Canadians are funny because their native gods are know for farting!

It is obvious from the compilation of celebrities who farted on live TV, that Whoopi Goldberg is the only one who handled it well. When her beeferoni rapped against the top of the vinyl cushion she was sitting on… what did she do? She made a joke.

Thank you Whoopi! What kind of former stand up comic would you be if you treated farts like the rest of these celebs? Especially with a name like WHOOPI? It is just too on the nose.

The lesson is clear. When you fart on live TV, lean into it.

Here is another example of someone who showed farts are funny, and then dove behind the camera.