Chess Variants Have Taken Twitter By Storm And We Are Confused

by Gorman
Chess variant cover

They say that chess is the game of kings, which is funny since the queen is the best piece, but whatever. Chess has had a hell of a following, ever since before Christ (probably.) There are nearly infinite possible games in Chess, and people talk about this constantly. Twitter user and game developer Elizabeth Sampat knows this all too well because she is one of those people. According to her twitter, she couldn’t sleep and decided to made a thread of incredibly hard chess variants. You do you, girl!

These games look difficult, but we honestly wouldn’t know any better!

She gives thee variants a lot of cool, fun sounding names, like “Howl’s Moving Castle” and “The Pieces Have Guns” which is cool. This distracts from the fact that chess is a game with rules that are nearly impossible to remember. We watched The Queen’s Gambit at the Men’s Humor office one night and we’re still very confused!

We’re alone in this, we guess. Twitter just absolutely lit the fuck up when they saw all these difficult games. Here are a few utterly perplexing responses.

Chess Heads Unite!

There was one twitter user, however, who we think the Men’s Humor audience will absolutely love.

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