DISTURBING: Man Falls And Hurts His Knee Really, Really Badly


There’s no easy way to put it: this video we found is incredibly difficult to watch. Anyone who has been injured before understands what pain feels like, but what the man in this video experiences? It is on a whole different level of agony. We were tempted to use this in a fail video compilation, until we saw just how badly the man got injured. Then, we just felt bad. If you have the stomach for hardcore content, then proceed below. If not, you’re going to want to check out a different article on our site.

Alright. Brace yourself. Here it is.

Watch this heart-stopping video of a man falling and injuring himself below

Warned you. We tried to prepare you for this extremely hard-to-watch footage. Take a breath and collect yourself.

As you can see, this man was running down a sidewalk, minding his own business. He appeared to be perfectly happy, trotting through this quaint suburban neighborhood at a joyful clip. Suddenly, disaster struck.

The man trips, and before he can even process what’s happening, his knees collides with the ground. Just like that, he’s down for the count, keeling over and clutching his injured leg, the agony pulsing stronger and stronger with each passing moment. For the next 30 seconds, all he can do is breath and cry out in pain.

One look at this man’s face, and you can tell he is enduring a type of suffering that’s incomprehensible to most people.

via YouTube

We feel so awful for this person. One wrong step is all it took to send this man hurtling into a maelstrom of excruciating torture.

Normally, when an accident like this occurs, the human body enters a state of shock. Unfortunately for this man, shock and adrenaline were not there to relieve him from the physical pain coursing through his kneecap.

Well, if you thought you were having a bad day, a video like this will easily convince you that things could always be worse. Stay safe out there, everyone.