Do Not Show This Talking Dog Video To Your Canine Unless You Want To Embarrass Them

by TheDuder95

You are going to want to make sure your dog is not looking over your should right now. This video of a pooch that has learned to speak English will definitely embarrass them. The dog’s name is Stella and she’s making every other canine in the world feel like an idiot.

This video has got to be absolutely brutal for other dogs to watch. Yikes.

Stella the talking dog rose in popularity recently after she and her owner were featured in a few interviews on mainstream media outlets. Stella is owned by a professional speech-language pathologist who trained her to dog to speak using buttons.

According to the owner/trainer’s website, “Stella gives voice to her daily thoughts, requests, feelings, and more using 45+ words and creating phrases up to 5 words long!” Whenever Stella is in need of something, she presses a button to communicate with her owners.

And you thought your dog was smart? Good grief. Your dog probably only knows a handful of commands. There’s no way it has the ability to form almost complete sentences. Stella may be the smartest dog on the planet, but she’s inadvertently making all of our dogs look like dumbasses.

Someone needs to tell her to take it easy on the word learning. Yeesh.