Do You Think You Could Win An NBA Shooting Contest Like This Guy?

by TheDuder95

Everyone likes to talk a big game when it comes to sports like the NBA. Maybe you know someone who thinks they could have definitely been a professional athlete. Or maybe you’re that person. Either way, you’re full of it. Needless to say, sometimes weekend warriors get the opportunity of a lifetime to show off their skills.

They don’t always hit the mark, but when they do…it’s awesome. Take a look at what this guy did during a shooting contest for fans at an NBA game.

This dude has on the edge of our seats. Not only is he an inspiration to all of us out of shape NBA fans, he’s an absolute legend.

During the 2009 NBA season the Dallas Mavericks ran a halftime promotion for fans. The contest, sponsored by something called The Dump, required contestants to make a layup, free throw, three pointer, and a half court shot. If contests made every shot, they would win a $3,000 gift card. We have no idea what The Dump is but that’s a decent amount of money for a gift card.

Not only did Fisher Floyd win the chance to take part in the contest one night, he absolutely destroyed. Even though he had two chances at each shot, he hit all of them without missing a beat. It’s pretty remarkable to even make a layup under that kind of pressure, let alone four shots back to back including one from half court.

Mr. Floyd provided a little bit of inspiration to us all that day. We salute him.