Enjoy These Hilarious Memes That Roast Annoying Karens

by TheDuder95
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Like it or not, but Karens are everywhere these days. Whether it’s at the grocery store, a restaurant, or even in our own homes, the experience of having to deal with an annoying Karen is something that we can all probably relate to.

While Karens are always going to Karen, we can at least take stock in some of these hilarious memes below. There’s nothing quite like seeing a Karen get roasted!

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1. Woof. Sorry Karens. You just got burned!

Dress shirt - Susan Phillips Wait a minute This just proves it ! COROMA VIRUS COVIL-19 SUSAN PHILLIPS ISLAM ISIS 21 +. Holy shit you fucking killed her, dude

2. Show us a more accurate depiction of a Karen than this. We’ll wait.

Animation - Nobody - Karens after seeing someone having a good time.
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3. LOL

Text - Temecula Beth Talk ... 6 mins · A Have you ever been to a restaurant that does not give you the change when you pay with cash? My bill we $47.20, I gave the waitress $100. and she only gave me back $53.00. I called over the manager(which was our waitress). She said we don't usually carry change. I told her to give my $100.00 back and l'll pay with a credit card. Eighty cents would not kill me but it's the principle, If they do this to everyone that pays cash, over a year that could be a l
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4. Go off fam! Workers of the world unite against Karen!

Line - Karen: "If you don't study you'll end up like him," The construction worker who makes 3x her salary : u/shmeme
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5. Morpheus with the hammer on Karen!

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6. Karen Lives Matter

Hair - "l'd like to speak to the manager and the police. I'd like to speak to the police manager."
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7. Somewhere Bill Gates is smiling at this

Blue - Micro$oft. dont trust them people... they harvest your data and give it to the NSA.. open your eyes.. that's why I don't use their stuff Like Comment 18 minutes ago e O 4 people like this. eh? You have a PC and you bought your son an Xbox One... 16 minutes ago Like My PC is made by Dell which uses Windows and the games machine is made by Xbox.. neither of them use Micro$oft. I do my research unlike you. 12 minutes ago Like 2
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8. Wow. We have no words. This takes Karen-ing to a whole different level!

Text - L sofa bed £30 Is it still available?? 8:17 pm Hello??? 8:19 pm I'm late to pick up my daughter and I need to know now?? 8:20 pm Jesus man I'm sorry It's been like 5 minutes yes it's available. 8:24 pm I was late picking up my daughter because of you!!!! I demand a reduction in the price or I'm not taking it!!! 8:40 pm I guess you won't take it then. Tell your daughter I'm sorry you're her dad.
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9. Timely

Vertebrate - Cashiers "If it's a free country to not weat a mask then Its a free country that we dont have to serve you" Karens
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10. We feel bad for all children of a Karen

Lip - me when my mom starts being rude to the person that's just trying to do their job ZABAVA EXE
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11. Okay this might be the best use of Photoshop of all time

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12. This one hits hard

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Hey Karens: you’ve officially been roasted! It’s okay though, no one is safe from savage memes, if we’re being totally honest. Everyone gets to take the meme heat at some point, and today was simply your turn. Don’t call the manager on us, Karens, we are simply reporting the memes here!