Girl Attempts Handstand, Rips Whoopsie-Beefer in Boyfriend’s Face

by Staff Writer
girl farts in boyfriend's face

As long as the reaction is one of embarrassment, she is probably still a keeper. Farts are funny. Science backs us up on this.

Let’s break this video down. If you’re at the point in your relationship where you want your boy to spot you for an impromptu, low-rent gymnastics session, the first fart has probably already taken place. They’ve probably moved past the stage where they hold in the stomach bubbles all night and wait for the freedom that comes with eventual isolation.

first date fart meme.  farts are funny.
uh oh, more liquid than we thought

So the real embarrassment is the two other (at least) people in the room. Sounds like someone with a phone and a companion. Dude behind the phone laughs like he is five people. So maybe there is an audience.

On the other hand, notice what happens after the knife cuts all the way through the cheese. Our aspiring gymnast covers her mouth in embarrassment and doesn’t look at her spotter at all. This is some interesting body language.

Perhaps these two are not dating at all. You would think that giving someone a peek down the shorty shorts means that they already have seen each others bits. But maybe, this is early-stage flirting trying to get to stage 3 or 4. This body language suggests she is not willing to go to her spotter for consolation. A trusted relationship might have this girl turn to a boyfriend for comfort, but that lack of looking back begs another theory. She steps to someone behind the camera to share her shame. She leaves her spotter to suffer the consequence of her crop dust without a quick apology.

Surely she is sorry. Surely, she feels shame. She doesn’t think farts are funny at the moment. That lizard brain has her flee her potential boy toy. Her efforts to woo surely have back fired. Back fired indeed.

The only other clue we have is the title given to this video that was uplaoded to youtube. Do we have a reliable narrator? Is this in fact the “Boyfriend’s” face. If we do believe this narrative fact, then we must conclude that this is certainly a first fart we are witnessing very early in a budding relationship.

It does beg for a follow up. Can the internet assist in a follow up? We need confirmation. Is this a love story cut short by the loudest damn bottom burp ever heard in the history of gymnastics? Or is this the beginning of a long one?

Lets watch that air biscuit get baked

See, farts are funny.

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